Duke of Edinburgh Award

“During my expedition I gained lots of teamwork skills and I became much more independent. I completed my DofE Silver Award with stronger friendships and the knowledge that I can survive without my phone and I am able to cook for myself. It made me more resilient and built my self-confidence before GCSE exams in year 11”Jasmina Y12 Silver Award holder

In April 2016 our school recommenced its participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. We became a directly licenced organisation with the Duke of Edinburgh’s award and currently offer it at all levels (bronze, silver and gold) for students between year 9 and 13. The Award was re-established in our school by Ms Lyskawa (D of E manager) and has expanded with the help of other teachers.

For the last academic year, we have achieved the highest number of attendees within the Borough of Brent. We are proud to announce that 80% of our students started and completed the Awards in Bronze & Silver. This has been recognised as the highest achievement in the entire Borough of Brent.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award involves four main parts: learning a skill, volunteering, participating in a physical activity and in the summer term pupils will complete the expedition.

The Award develops skills such as leadership, team work and confidence and is valued by employers, colleges and universities. It’s also a lot of fun. That said, it does require time and dedication, so I wanted to make sure that you are aware of, and happy with, what you are signing up to. Participating in the award brings new interests and leads to a growth in self-confidence.  The first three sections are carried out independently but with support from the DofE Coordinators, who will be leading the expedition section at the end of the academic year. Each student will choose activities personal to them. The expedition, an overnight walking/camping trip, is done as part of a group of between four and seven students.


The award is highly valued by both students and parents as it is non-competitive, achievable and helps young people realise their dreams.

For more information please visit the D of E website:  https://www.dofe.org

Our Awards ceremony is held every academic year.

We are recruiting for the new Bronze, Silver and Gold intakes every new academic Year from September.


Our DofE Experience

The camp’s so close

But it feels so far

I wish that we could take

Ms Lyskawa’s car.

My shoulders hurt

And so does my back

Wait! Are we even on

the right track?

DofE has made me realise,

How I’m so unfit

When I get home

I should exercise a bit.

We finally made it to the camp

So we put up a tent and

Made some food

All that I could say is that now

We’re in a better mood.

We walked for so long

North to South, East to West

At the end of each field

We really needed a rest

It’s all over now

I feel like I should shed a tear

I don’t think any of us

Are going to do this next year

But I will!

by Daniella Concessio Gold Award participant