Scholar's Programme





At St Claudine’s Catholic School for Girls, we believe that every individual should have an equal opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential. We believe that all children need support, guidance and encouragement to fulfil their God-given gifts.



  • Creating a culture of high expectations by building an inclusive approach to the Scholars’ Programme that considers both aptitude and deep passion for a subject area.
  • Providing enriched curriculum opportunities across all subject areas to create an ethos of celebration and personal development.
  • We will identify and monitor our students as part of a unique approach to the Scholars’ Programme, ensuring they are suitably challenged and supported to maximise their potential; preparing the learners of today to become the leaders of tomorrow.


  • We will ensure that students are able to develop, enjoy and celebrate their talents and passions to the full within a supportive and appropriately challenging environment.
  • The Scholars’ Programme will create a school wide ethos of pride in scholastic excellence and have a positive impact on the culture of school life.