Retreat and Mission

Spiritual Life Felixtowe Our LadyOur Retreat and Mission programme are opportunities for students to grow spiritually as well as academically. We offer a retreat programme across all key stages. The provision is led by the Chaplain or external facilitators. These retreats are designed as times for reflection and discernment and provide the opportunity to build deeper relationships with God and each other.  Year 12 have a residential retreat led by the Religious Sisters of Jesus and Mary (RJM) in Felixstowe, giving them a rare opportunity to leave behind the usual day to day distractions and dedicating a period of time to relaxation of mind and the opportunity to deepen their faith. 

One student said: ‘Felixstowe has been an amazing experience, I’ll never forget it. I’d recommend this trip for those who want to develop spiritually. I am very thankful for the nuns and our teachers for making this a brilliant experience.’