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Religious of Jesus and Mary

We are part of the Global JM community and our school is within the European Province of the Religious of Jesus and Mary. We have visited the places of St. Claudine, where she lived, prayed and founded the RJM Order. The Chaplain recently attended an International Conference which involved a total of 187 persons, from the four corners of the JM world, in Mexico City, where they actively encouraged Shared Mission, drawing inspiration from the charism of our foundress St. Claudine expressed in the JM Preferences and the Church’s document - Global Compact on Education (GCE). This was followed by a visitation to our school in September 2023 by Sr Monica Joseph, the Superior General of the Religious of Jesus and Mary, where she had the opportunity to meet staff and students and we had the opportunity to share how we, students and staff, live in the modern world and yet follow the example of St. Claudine.

It was a pleasure to be granted the opportunity to meet the Mother Superior General of the Religious of Jesus and Mary order. The aura of calm and tranquility which she exuberates is astonishing, almost fictional in a sense. It was truly remarkable to be given the opportunity to speak with her.

I felt a deep sense of comfort and peace as I sat in her presence, listening to her wise words. 
She is clearly a blessing to the Religious of Jesus and Mary order and as members of the Jesus and Mary community, we should feel lucky to be under her guidance. 
I will always cherish this memory dearly. 

Yafatou, 11F

I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the Superior General of the Convent of Jesus and Mary.  It was a wonderful experience and chance to meet such a peaceful person.  

Sister Monica Joseph talked to us about the journey to her position.  Listening to her answer powerful and deep questions allowed me to see life in a different way and have a better spiritual understanding of her and I saw how her life was an extraordinary calling from God.

Being in the presence of Sister Monica filled me with tranquillity and I will always remember this moment at St Claudine's.

Mayé, Year 11



Our links with local primary schools are strong and we regularly host Key Stage 2 students at a variety of events, for example matinees of our performances, taster days for year 5s and after school clubs for year 5 and 6. Year 6 students who are coming to us enjoy a transition day and a summer camp.

We also share aspects of the liturgical life of our school with other schools in the Deanery; for instance we all attend the Brent School Deanery Mass in the summer term.




Our School is in the Shrine of Our Lady of Willesden parish. Fr. Stephen Willis is a regular visitor to school and the parish hosts some of our larger Masses during the year. We take part in the annual May Procession to the Shrine, which traditionally stops at our school on the route for a liturgy. We have close links with other parishes in the Brent Deanery as well as Sacred Heart Church, Kilburn in the Camden Deanery.


Staff regularly attend meetings and training offered by the Diocese. We participate in the annual Diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes and attend the Advent Mass and Good Samaritan Mass with the Catholic Children’s Society.