Year 11

Head of Year 11- Mrs S Jaafary

Pastoral Support Manager (PSM)- Mrs A Harrington

Year 11 Form tutors:

11 Angela Ms A Rajput
11 Cecilia Ms C Juerakhan/Ms Lyskawa
11 Florentina Mr B Abad
11 Katharine Mr F Mapia
11 Matilda Mrs P Mahajani/Ms J Lyskawa
11Seraphina Ms McCombe/Ms Habtom


Message from Head of Year 11

Year 11 Key Dates

Y11 Parents Information Evening

StC Effective Revision Strategies' Booklet

Year 11 Mock Exam (2023) Timetable

Saturday Session Letters

Year 11 Scholars and Aspirations Event

Year 11 Easter Intervention 2024

Year 11 Exam Preparation Schedule