Instrumental Music Lessons

Welcome to the Music Department! We hope that you will enjoy becoming a part of our musical family here at St Claudine's. As a part of our musical programme, students are offered the chance to take instrumental lessons with a specialist teacher. If your daughter has previously played an instrument and would like to continue this journey, then we would recommend that she is signed up for lessons. Please note that lessons are not compulsory and only for those who wish to study an instrument further. Lessons are available for the following instruments:

  • Clarinet
  • Oboe
  • Piano
  • Singing
  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Saxophone
  • Violin

Instrumental lessons are subsidised by the school, and are provided through Brent Music Service. The cost of the lessons will be confirmed soon. Payment can be made in full at the start of the school year, or in instalments each term. It is important to note that payment must be made before your daughter can commence lessons.

Instrumental music lessons can be signed up for online by clicking here