First Give Initiative @ St Claudine's

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6th Apr 2022

Our year 9s worked hard all this term on their First Give initiative, a project that gives students the opportunity to fundraise and raise awareness for a charity of their own choice. From researching their charity, to coming up with fundraising ideas to developing presentation skills, this experience has been a rich and rewarding one for the students and one that they have embraced wholeheartedly.

The final was judged by representatives from First Give, the year 13 student leadership team and the Mayor of Brent, Lia Colacicco. Congratulations to 9 Matilda who advocated powerfully for Westminster Drug Project and won the prize.


“First Give was a special experience. It allowed us as a school community to reflect upon the social issues in society that we overlook in our daily lives. I really liked how we combined our efforts and talents to contribute to different charities and how we worked together to learn and make differences in society.” Blessica 9A


“The First Give course made me realise that there are many social issues out there that people need to be educated on, such as homelessness, drug abuse and knife crime. The experience also made me aware of how these issues can impact on people and what I can do to help them.” Whitney 9A


“I liked the research we did as a form figuring out what type of charity we wanted to support. I learnt how much charities truly help those struggling.” Juliet 9A


“I loved the opportunity to be involved with First Give as it showed me that helping people and working for a charity is not just about donating money but also raising awareness.” Moram 9M