School of Sanctuary

School of Sanctuary Logo At St Claudine’s we celebrate diversity and promote inclusivity within our community and in the wider world. We recognise the richness that is brought to our school by the blend of cultures and experiences within it. We are a safe place for all, and a refuge for those that need sanctuary.

We are in the process of applying to become a School of Sanctuary.


What is a School of Sanctuary?

An organisation with the vision that the UK will be a place of safety for all; a place that is welcoming and willingly offers sanctuary to those fleeing violence and persecution.

As a School of Sanctuary, we would deepen our education of students, staff and the wider community in understanding what it means to seek sanctuary, and how everyone can play a role in welcoming those seeking sanctuary into our school family.


At St Claudine’s we aim to:

  • Create a welcoming culture for everyone, but especially refugees, asylum seekers and other sanctuary seekers.
  • Foster a shared understanding within our community of the experiences of displaced people so that we can develop a better understanding of how we can all play a role in offering sanctuary.
  • Consistently promote the voices of those who are seeking sanctuary or have done in their past.


We will be hosting an event on behalf of the borough of Brent on Wednesday 19th June. More information to follow!